Bangladesh and Rest of the World

With which country Bangladesh has the largest trade deficit?

  • ক. China
  • খ. Japan
  • গ. USA
  • ঘ. UK

উত্তরঃ China


Bangladesh become member of IMF in--

  • ক. 10 April, 1972
  • খ. 17 September, 1972
  • গ. 17 June, 1972
  • ঘ. 12 June, 1974

উত্তরঃ 17 June, 1972


Bangladesh become member of OIC in--

  • ক. 1974
  • খ. 1973
  • গ. 1976
  • ঘ. 1978

উত্তরঃ 1974


Which Head of the Govt. come to Bangladesh at first?

  • ক. Nikulas Henry, German
  • খ. Mikael Gorvachav, Soviet Union
  • গ. Indira Gandhi, India
  • ঘ. Marshall Titu, Yugoslavia

উত্তরঃ Marshall Titu, Yugoslavia


Which muslim countryis the first recognitor of Bangladesh?

  • ক. Senegal
  • খ. Indonesia
  • গ. Iraq
  • ঘ. Malaysia

উত্তরঃ Senegal


Which Bangladeshi was in charge in Human Rights Commission?

  • ক. Anwarul Karim Choudhury
  • খ. Irin Khan
  • গ. Abu Sayeed Chowdhury
  • ঘ. Shah A M S Kibria

উত্তরঃ Abu Sayeed Chowdhury


With which country Bangladesh sign an agreement at first?

  • ক. Japan
  • খ. Soviet Union
  • গ. India
  • ঘ. Nepal

উত্তরঃ India


In 28 June 2010 selected member of CEDAW Committee--

  • ক. Ferdous Ara
  • খ. Ismat Jahan
  • গ. Singer Momtaj Begum
  • ঘ. Sayada Rejwana Hasan

উত্তরঃ Ismat Jahan


Who is the first Director General of ADB in South-East Asia?

  • ক. Sultan Hafiz Rahman
  • খ. Anisul Haque
  • গ. Dr. Iftekhar Ahmed
  • ঘ. Dr. Nasiruddin Ahmed

উত্তরঃ Sultan Hafiz Rahman


Where is the 'Bangladesh Square'?

  • ক. Liberia
  • খ. Haiti
  • গ. Kanga
  • ঘ. Siaralieon

উত্তরঃ Liberia


The first SAARC summit was held in Dhaka in---

  • ক. 1986
  • খ. 1988
  • গ. 1984
  • ঘ. 1985

উত্তরঃ 1985


At present which is the largest donor country of Bangladesh?

  • ক. Japan
  • খ. China
  • গ. USA
  • ঘ. Egypt

উত্তরঃ Japan


At first which country starts Grameen Bank concept outside of the Bangladesh?

  • ক. Bahrain
  • খ. USA
  • গ. Malaysia
  • ঘ. Indonesia

উত্তরঃ Malaysia


Bangladesh is not a member of which organization?

  • ক. BIMSTEC
  • খ. G-8
  • গ. D-8
  • ঘ. NAM

উত্তরঃ G-8


In which year Maldives open their embassy in Bangladesh?

  • ক. 2009
  • খ. 2006
  • গ. 2008
  • ঘ. 2010

উত্তরঃ 2008


Which organization is the co-ordinator of 'Bangladesh Development Forum'?

  • ক. World bank
  • খ. IMF
  • গ. JIGA
  • ঘ. UNDP

উত্তরঃ World bank


With which country Bangladesh has trade relation but no diplomatic relation?

  • ক. Taiwan
  • খ. South Korea
  • গ. Israel
  • ঘ. Myanmar

উত্তরঃ Taiwan


Which Bangladeshi women of the following was a chairperson of CEDAW Committee of the United Nation?

  • ক. Nazma Chowdhury
  • খ. Hamida Hoeesn
  • গ. Salma Subhan
  • ঘ. Salma Khan

উত্তরঃ Salma Khan


When does Bangladesh become member country of World Trade Organization?

  • ক. 1993
  • খ. 1992
  • গ. 1991
  • ঘ. 1995

উত্তরঃ 1995


Bangladesh is the member country of United Netion--

  • ক. 138th
  • খ. 139th
  • গ. 135th
  • ঘ. 136th

উত্তরঃ 136th


Which country does not have an embassy in Bangladesh?

  • ক. Bhutan
  • খ. Maldives
  • গ. Sri Lanka
  • ঘ. Myanmar

সঠিক উত্তরের জয় বিস্তারিত দেখুন

What is the ranking of Bangla in the world in terms of spoken language?

  • ক. 1st
  • খ. 3rd
  • গ. 6th
  • ঘ. 9th

সঠিক উত্তরের জয় বিস্তারিত দেখুন

Bangladesh is a member of which of the following association?

  • ক. NAFTA
  • খ. ASEAN
  • গ. AGOA
  • ঘ. OPEC

সঠিক উত্তরের জয় বিস্তারিত দেখুন

SAARC secretariat is situated in:

  • ক. Dhaka
  • খ. Islamabad
  • গ. Kathmandu
  • ঘ. New Delhi

উত্তরঃ Kathmandu


Bangladesh is not a member of which of the following association?

  • ক. IMF
  • খ. ILO
  • গ. OIC
  • ঘ. OPEC

উত্তরঃ OPEC


বাংলাদেশ কত সালে জাতিসংঘের সদস্যপদ লাভ করে?

  • ক. ১৯৭২
  • খ. ১৯৭৩
  • গ. ১৯৭৪
  • ঘ. ১৯৭৫

উত্তরঃ ১৯৭৪


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