Idioms and Phrases

1. In my heart ---- heart I deplored his obstinacy.

  • ক. with
  • খ. from
  • গ. of
  • ঘ. at

উত্তরঃ of


3. To 'raise one's brow' indicate.

  • ক. annoyance
  • খ. disapproval
  • গ. indifference
  • ঘ. surprise

উত্তরঃ surprise


4. The following idiom is followed by some alternative. Choose the one that best expresses its meaning : To end in smoke ----?

  • ক. To create fire
  • খ. To go through suffering
  • গ. To come to nothing
  • ঘ. To see fire

উত্তরঃ To come to nothing


5. While living in poverty, the poet had to ---- a great deal of sufferings.

  • ক. see through
  • খ. put up with
  • গ. pass by
  • ঘ. fall back

উত্তরঃ put up with


6. Only those who are not serious to their success work by ---- and stars.

  • ক. long odds
  • খ. against time
  • গ. every inch
  • ঘ. fits

উত্তরঃ fits


7. To keep one's head ---- ?

  • ক. to save oneself
  • খ. to be self respectful
  • গ. to keep calm
  • ঘ. none of these

উত্তরঃ to keep calm


8. To put the cart before the horse ----- ?

  • ক. to offer a person what he cannot eat
  • খ. to force a person to do something
  • গ. to raise obstacle
  • ঘ. to reverse the natural order of things

উত্তরঃ to reverse the natural order of things


9. To read between the lines ----- ?

  • ক. to concentrate
  • খ. to suspect
  • গ. to read carefully
  • ঘ. to grasp the hidden meaning

উত্তরঃ to grasp the hidden meaning


10. 'Read between the lines' means ---- ?

  • ক. read carelessly
  • খ. read critically
  • গ. read superficially
  • ঘ. reas to get pleasure

উত্তরঃ read critically


11. The bad news struck him like a bolt from the ---- ?

  • ক. sky
  • খ. heavens
  • গ. firmament
  • ঘ. blue

উত্তরঃ blue


12. Explain the meaning of 'Bring to pass'.

  • ক. Cause to destroy ( ধবংস হওয়া )
  • খ. Cause to happen ( কোন কিছু ঘটা )
  • গ. Cause to carry out ( কোন কিছু সম্পাদন করা )
  • ঘ. Cause to convince ( কাউকে নিজের মতে নিয়ে আসা )

উত্তরঃ Cause to happen ( কোন কিছু ঘটা )


13. 'Through thick and thin' means :

  • ক. under all conditions
  • খ. to make thick and thin
  • গ. of great density
  • ঘ. to clear understanding

উত্তরঃ under all conditions


14. What is the meaning of 'white elephant' ?

  • ক. A hoarder ( একজন মজুতদার )
  • খ. An elephant of white colour ( একটি সাদা রঙয়ের হাতি )
  • গ. A black marketer ( একজন কালোবাজারি )
  • ঘ. A very costly or troublesome possession ( অত্যন্ত ব্যয়বহুল বা সমস্যাসঙ্কুল বস্তু )

উত্তরঃ A very costly or troublesome possession ( অত্যন্ত ব্যয়বহুল বা সমস্যাসঙ্কুল বস্তু )


15. 'Maiden speech' means ---?

  • ক. First speech
  • খ. Last speech
  • গ. Late speech
  • ঘ. Early speech

উত্তরঃ First speech


16. "Out and Out" means -

  • ক. Not at all
  • খ. Brave
  • গ. Thoroughly
  • ঘ. Whole heartedly

উত্তরঃ Thoroughly


17. 'Out and out ' means -

  • ক. absolute
  • খ. outside
  • গ. external
  • ঘ. rural

উত্তরঃ absolute


18. The tree has been blown --- by the storm.

  • ক. away
  • খ. up
  • গ. off
  • ঘ. out

উত্তরঃ away


19. The lights have been blown --- by the strong wind.

  • ক. out
  • খ. away
  • গ. up
  • ঘ. off

উত্তরঃ out


20. The expression 'after one's own heart' means ---

  • ক. To be in low sprit
  • খ. With complete devotion
  • গ. To one's own liking
  • ঘ. To be in high sprit

উত্তরঃ To one's own liking


21. There are ---- dangerous drivers.

  • ক. a very lot of
  • খ. whom
  • গ. very much of
  • ঘ. a lot of

উত্তরঃ a lot of


22. There's ---- dust on these books. Fetch me a duster.

  • ক. a lot of
  • খ. plenty of
  • গ. a good deal of
  • ঘ. lots of

উত্তরঃ a lot of


23. Choose the correct meaning : He raised his eyebrow at my explanation.

  • ক. Show agreement
  • খ. Show surprise or disapproval
  • গ. Show happiness
  • ঘ. Show indifference

উত্তরঃ Show surprise or disapproval


24. Choose the appropriate meaning of the idiom 'Swan song'

  • ক. First work
  • খ. Last work
  • গ. Middle work
  • ঘ. Early work

উত্তরঃ Last work


25. When a person says he 's " all in " , it means --

  • ক. He is very tried
  • খ. He has arrived
  • গ. He has finished packing
  • ঘ. He has got everything

উত্তরঃ He is very tried


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