Substitution Expressions and Definitions

1. One who studies and treats the diseases of the eye is--

  • ক. a radiologist
  • খ. an orthodonist
  • গ. an opthalmologist
  • ঘ. a neurologist

উত্তরঃ an opthalmologist


2. A person who studies the scientific development of language is a---

  • ক. philatelist
  • খ. philanthropist
  • গ. pharmacologist
  • ঘ. philogist

উত্তরঃ philogist


3. A person unable to pay his debts--

  • ক. poor
  • খ. solvent
  • গ. insolvent
  • ঘ. miser

উত্তরঃ insolvent


4. One who loves and serves mankind is--

  • ক. a misanthropist
  • খ. a philanthropist
  • গ. a socialist
  • ঘ. an optimist

উত্তরঃ a philanthropist


5. Words inscribed on a tomb is an--

  • ক. epitome
  • খ. epithet
  • গ. epitaph
  • ঘ. episode

উত্তরঃ epitaph


6. Custom of having more than one wife at the same time is--

  • ক. polygamy
  • খ. monogamy
  • গ. misogamy
  • ঘ. misogynist

উত্তরঃ polygamy


7. A speech made without previous preparation--

  • ক. composed
  • খ. extempore
  • গ. memorised
  • ঘ. censored

উত্তরঃ extempore


8. One who knows everything is---

  • ক. omnipotent
  • খ. omnivorous
  • গ. omniscient
  • ঘ. omnipresent

উত্তরঃ omniscient


9. An unmarried woman is called--

  • ক. seamstress
  • খ. bachelor
  • গ. nurse
  • ঘ. apinster

উত্তরঃ apinster


10. The word 'somnambluist' means--

  • ক. a sleep-walker
  • খ. a day dreamer
  • গ. a night dreamer
  • ঘ. an optimist

উত্তরঃ a sleep-walker


11. 'Hamlet' means---

  • ক. A small village
  • খ. A small town
  • গ. A big city
  • ঘ. A big village

উত্তরঃ A small village


12. 'Bibliography' means--

  • ক. Concerning the Bible
  • খ. History of books
  • গ. Collection of Books
  • ঘ. Worship of books

উত্তরঃ Collection of Books


13. 'Stalwart' means in politics--

  • ক. bad supporter
  • খ. reliable supporter
  • গ. light supporer
  • ঘ. no supporter

উত্তরঃ reliable supporter


14. A place for keeping dogs--

  • ক. Hutch
  • খ. Stable
  • গ. Kennel
  • ঘ. sty

উত্তরঃ Kennel


15. A man who has not remarried after his wife's death is called---

  • ক. window
  • খ. wifeless
  • গ. divorced
  • ঘ. widower

উত্তরঃ widower


16. The ability to tell interesting stories makes one--

  • ক. an entrepreneur
  • খ. a connoisseur
  • গ. a raconteur
  • ঘ. a dandy

উত্তরঃ a raconteur


17. The word 'paranoid' is connected with---

  • ক. philosophy
  • খ. psychology
  • গ. anthropology
  • ঘ. theology

উত্তরঃ psychology


18. The expression 'Ligua franca' means---

  • ক. common language
  • খ. first language
  • গ. technical language
  • ঘ. the french language

উত্তরঃ common language


19. The study of birds is---

  • ক. Theology
  • খ. ornithology
  • গ. ecology
  • ঘ. biology

উত্তরঃ ornithology


20. The study of ---- is oncology.

  • ক. cancer
  • খ. control
  • গ. nerve
  • ঘ. bone

উত্তরঃ cancer


21. Theology is the study of --

  • ক. sleep
  • খ. region
  • গ. religion
  • ঘ. poison

উত্তরঃ religion


22. The killing of oneself is---

  • ক. genocide
  • খ. regicide
  • গ. suicide
  • ঘ. insecticide

উত্তরঃ suicide


23. A person who mends shoes--

  • ক. cobbler
  • খ. draggist
  • গ. optician
  • ঘ. cannibal

উত্তরঃ cobbler


24. A person who sells flowers--

  • ক. Hawker
  • খ. Jockey
  • গ. Florist
  • ঘ. Drover

উত্তরঃ Florist


25. A place where bees are kept--

  • ক. Kennel
  • খ. Aviary
  • গ. Den
  • ঘ. Apiary

উত্তরঃ Apiary


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