Sentence Completion

1. Lucky is to fortunate as weak is to ----.

  • ক. humble
  • খ. obsolete
  • গ. legitimate
  • ঘ. fragile

উত্তরঃ fragile


2. The invigilator made us ---- our identity card at the test center.

  • ক. showing
  • খ. show
  • গ. showed
  • ঘ. to show

উত্তরঃ show


3. For an investor who ----- money, silver or bond are good options.

  • ক. has so little a
  • খ. has very little
  • গ. has so few
  • ঘ. has very few

উত্তরঃ has very little


4. ------ of this room will be sold.

  • ক. The possession
  • খ. The position
  • গ. Position
  • ঘ. A possession

উত্তরঃ The possession


5. Plagiarism is ------.

  • ক. the art of writing
  • খ. the science of human thoughts and reading minds
  • গ. the art of politics
  • ঘ. the philosophi of existence

সঠিক উত্তরের জয় বিস্তারিত দেখুন

6. We wouldn't mind ----.

  • ক. wait
  • খ. to waiting
  • গ. to have waited
  • ঘ. waiting

উত্তরঃ waiting


7. Lack of money ------ me badly in my pursuit of higher education.

  • ক. diverted
  • খ. ventured
  • গ. damaged
  • ঘ. handicapped

উত্তরঃ handicapped


8. ---- of these measures is increasing agricultural production will be known shortly.

  • ক. Propensity
  • খ. Efficacy
  • গ. Advocacy
  • ঘ. Vitality

উত্তরঃ Efficacy


9. He was very angry as usal. However, his angry words ----- me.

  • ক. jolted
  • খ. criticized
  • গ. fluttered
  • ঘ. thwarted

সঠিক উত্তরের জয় বিস্তারিত দেখুন

10. There have been short periods in which the share market has ----- drastically, although the market has experienced strong --- in the last couple of years.

  • ক. extension/atabilizer
  • খ. fallen/growth
  • গ. expansion/stagnated
  • ঘ. augmentation/steadied

উত্তরঃ fallen/growth


11. She was very pleased by the appreciation she received.Like every one else, she enjoyed being---

  • ক. entertained
  • খ. praised
  • গ. playful
  • ঘ. vindicated

উত্তরঃ praised


12. The prices of the commodities ------ during the fuel crisis but the producers incurred ---- in profits.

  • ক. increased/a downfall
  • খ. shot up/an expansion
  • গ. stabilized/a boon
  • ঘ. fluctuated/a deprivation

উত্তরঃ increased/a downfall


13. Some people believe that money is the primary ----- that drives individuals.

  • ক. effect
  • খ. issue
  • গ. aspect
  • ঘ. motivator

উত্তরঃ motivator


14. It is stereotyping ---- that all people prefer basketball as a sport over all others.

  • ক. belief
  • খ. information
  • গ. fact
  • ঘ. reality

উত্তরঃ belief


15. He ---- pursued the implementation of the project.

  • ক. arrogantly
  • খ. absolutely
  • গ. doggedly
  • ঘ. instinctively

উত্তরঃ doggedly


16. It is an old ----- that says 'only the wearer known where the shoe pinches'.

  • ক. belief
  • খ. perception
  • গ. person
  • ঘ. notion

উত্তরঃ belief


17. It is quite unfortunate that he is still under the ---- that others are sympathizing with him.

  • ক. allusion
  • খ. delusion
  • গ. belief
  • ঘ. illusion

উত্তরঃ illusion


18. The smile on a baby's face is always--

  • ক. endearing
  • খ. attractive
  • গ. supreme
  • ঘ. cute

সঠিক উত্তরের জয় বিস্তারিত দেখুন

19. It is necessary to be ---- while dealing with mounting outstanding loan.

  • ক. confident
  • খ. aggressive
  • গ. active
  • ঘ. bold

সঠিক উত্তরের জয় বিস্তারিত দেখুন

20. Science progresses by building of what has come before; important findings thus from the basis of -- experiments.

  • ক. gardual
  • খ. ingenious
  • গ. subsequent
  • ঘ. repetitive

উত্তরঃ subsequent


21. The bank cashier's ------ of the funds was not discovered until the auditors examined the accounts.

  • ক. extradition
  • খ. embezzlement
  • গ. patronage
  • ঘ. subordination

উত্তরঃ embezzlement


23. All the vehicles that cross the bridge must pay a--

  • ক. lavy
  • খ. toll
  • গ. tax
  • ঘ. duty

উত্তরঃ toll


24. The quotation was erroneously --- to an English poet.

  • ক. attributed
  • খ. relegated
  • গ. resolved
  • ঘ. activated

উত্তরঃ attributed


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