English Grammar

1. The poem “The Solitary Reaper” is written by-

  • ক. W. H. Auden
  • খ. W. Wordsworth
  • গ. W. B. Yeats
  • ঘ. Ezra Pound

উত্তরঃ W. Wordsworth


2. The word 'officialese' means-

  • ক. plural number of official
  • খ. language used in offices
  • গ. plural number of office
  • ঘ. vague expression

উত্তরঃ plural number of official


4. The word 'Shrug' indicating doubt or indifference is associated with-

  • ক. Shoulders
  • খ. Head
  • গ. Forehead
  • ঘ. Eyebrows

উত্তরঃ Shoulders


5. They suffered much-tornado had hit their village?

  • ক. until
  • খ. since
  • গ. as if
  • ঘ. let alone

উত্তরঃ since


6. - his earlier studym the Professor's new study indicates a general warning trend in global weather.

  • ক. In contrast of
  • খ. In contrast to
  • গ. In contrast by
  • ঘ. In contrast as

উত্তরঃ In contrast to


7. Only those who are not serious to their success work by- and starts.

  • ক. long odds
  • খ. against time
  • গ. every inch
  • ঘ. fits

উত্তরঃ fits


8. Crafty men condemn studies, simple men admire them and wise men use them.

  • ক. Denounce
  • খ. Laud
  • গ. Compliment
  • ঘ. Acclaim

উত্তরঃ Denounce


9. Time after twillight and before night-

  • ক. Evening
  • খ. Dawn
  • গ. Dusk
  • ঘ. Eclipse

উত্তরঃ Dusk


11. Reason is the highest faculty - on human by their creator.

  • ক. entrusted
  • খ. endowed
  • গ. bestwed
  • ঘ. conferred

উত্তরঃ bestwed


12. A lion may be helped even by a little mouse.

  • ক. A little mouse may even help a lion
  • খ. Even a little mouse may help a lion
  • গ. A little mouse can even help a lion
  • ঘ. Even a little mouse ought to help a lion

উত্তরঃ Even a little mouse may help a lion


14. The people who carry a coffin at funeral are called-

  • ক. undertakers
  • খ. supporters
  • গ. pallbearers
  • ঘ. mourners

উত্তরঃ pallbearers


15. Honey is -- sweet.

  • ক. very
  • খ. too much
  • গ. much too
  • ঘ. excessive

উত্তরঃ very


16. He had a -- headache.

  • ক. strong
  • খ. acute
  • গ. serious
  • ঘ. bad

উত্তরঃ bad


17. I shall not -- the examination this year.

  • ক. give
  • খ. appear at
  • গ. sit
  • ঘ. go for

উত্তরঃ appear at


18. 'Sky' is to 'bird' as 'water' is to -

  • ক. feather
  • খ. fish
  • গ. boat
  • ঘ. lotus

উত্তরঃ fish


19. 'good' is to 'bad' as 'white' is to -

  • ক. dark
  • খ. black
  • গ. grey
  • ঘ. ebony

উত্তরঃ black


20. 'Botany' is to 'Plants' as 'Zoology' is to-

  • ক. flowers
  • খ. trees
  • গ. deas
  • ঘ. animals

উত্তরঃ animals


21. "Into the - of death rode the six hundred"/

  • ক. city
  • খ. tunnel
  • গ. road
  • ঘ. valley

উত্তরঃ valley


22. Rubber is notable for its-

  • ক. lightness
  • খ. heaviness
  • গ. elasticity
  • ঘ. viscosity

উত্তরঃ elasticity


23. Tiger : Zoology :: Mars:

  • ক. Astrology
  • খ. Cryptology
  • গ. Astronomy
  • ঘ. Telescopy

উত্তরঃ Astronomy


24. Break : Repair :: Angry:

  • ক. Heal
  • খ. Hurt
  • গ. Fix
  • ঘ. Plaster

উত্তরঃ Heal


25. Frightened : Scream :: Angry:

  • ক. Cry
  • খ. Shiver
  • গ. Shout
  • ঘ. Sneer

উত্তরঃ Shout


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