The Verb Corrections

1. "Act" শব্দটির verb হচ্ছে---

  • ক. Acted
  • খ. Enact
  • গ. Action
  • ঘ. Actress

উত্তরঃ Enact


2. "Able" শব্দটির verb নিচের কোনটি?

  • ক. Unable
  • খ. Enable
  • গ. Disable
  • ঘ. Adility

উত্তরঃ Enable


3. Choose the right verb : Rabindranath's stories often _____ surprise ending

  • ক. had
  • খ. have
  • গ. has
  • ঘ. have had

উত্তরঃ have


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