Sentence and Kind of Sentences

1. Convert the sentence into a simple one : He said that he was innocent.

  • ক. He published his innocence.
  • খ. He expressed his innocence .
  • গ. He told his innocence.
  • ঘ. He declared his innocence.

উত্তরঃ He expressed his innocence .


3. Choose the best option to complete the sentence : I look forward to -----

  • ক. meet you soon
  • খ. meeting you soon
  • গ. have met you soon
  • ঘ. be meeting you soon

উত্তরঃ meeting you soon


4. "He writes a letter" In this sentence "write" is a/an

  • ক. Intransitive verb
  • খ. Auxiliary verb
  • গ. Principal verb
  • ঘ. Transitive verb

উত্তরঃ Transitive verb


5. Please bring me a cup of tea "What kind of sentence is this?

  • ক. impreative
  • খ. assertive
  • গ. optative
  • ঘ. interrogative

উত্তরঃ impreative


6. He writes a letter. In this sentence, "write" is a---

  • ক. Transitive verb
  • খ. Intransitive verb
  • গ. Principal verb
  • ঘ. Auxiliary verb

উত্তরঃ Transitive verb


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