Sentence Transformations

1. Select the right compound structure of the sentence : “Though he is poor, he is honest”.

  • ক. He is poor and honest
  • খ. As he is poor, he is honest
  • গ. He is poor but honest
  • ঘ. Since he is poor, he is honest

উত্তরঃ He is poor but honest


2. “A rolling stone gathers no moss ” The complex form of the sentence is-

  • ক. Since a stone is rolling, it gathers no moss.
  • খ. Though a stone rolls, it gathers no moss.
  • গ. A stone what rolls gathers no moss.
  • ঘ. A stone that rolls gathers no moss.

উত্তরঃ A stone that rolls gathers no moss.


3. "We were no more surprised than Rahman."

  • ক. We were less surprised then Rahman
  • খ. We were all surprised
  • গ. Rahman was less surprised than us
  • ঘ. We were as surprised as Rahman

উত্তরঃ We were as surprised as Rahman


4. The sentence "Who would have thought Shylock was so unkind?"

  • ক. hyperbole
  • খ. interrogation
  • গ. command
  • ঘ. wonder

উত্তরঃ wonder


5. Rishan walks as if he - lame.

  • ক. is
  • খ. had been
  • গ. has
  • ঘ. were

উত্তরঃ were


6. One of the four sentences given in each question is grammatically wrong. That alternative is your answer :

  • ক. Neither you nor I am in a sound position
  • খ. Laziness is detrimental for success
  • গ. He begged the favour of my granting him leave
  • ঘ. Your action is not in conformity with the law

উত্তরঃ Laziness is detrimental for success


7. One of the four sentences given in each question is grammatically wrong. That alternative is your answer :

  • ক. He has ono desire for fame
  • খ. I intend going to Rajshahi
  • গ. He is too miserly to part with his money
  • ঘ. He has invited me for dinner

উত্তরঃ I intend going to Rajshahi


8. I have not heared from him-

  • ক. long since
  • খ. for a long time
  • গ. since long
  • ঘ. for long

উত্তরঃ for a long time


9. Neither Rini nor the -- the previous day.

  • ক. are
  • খ. is
  • গ. were
  • ঘ. had

উত্তরঃ is


10. He watched the boat -- down the river.

  • ক. to float
  • খ. floating
  • গ. was floathing
  • ঘ. had floated

উত্তরঃ floating


11. A rocket flying to the moon dose not need wings because-

  • ক. it has no engine
  • খ. space has too much dust
  • গ. it has no fuel
  • ঘ. space is airless

উত্তরঃ space is airless


12. He - consciouusness as a result of his head hitting the car's dashboard.

  • ক. failed
  • খ. broke
  • গ. lost
  • ঘ. passed

উত্তরঃ lost


13. Only after I - home, did I remember my doctor's appoinment.

  • ক. going
  • খ. go
  • গ. went
  • ঘ. gone

উত্তরঃ went


14. Dhaka is becoming one of the - cities in Asia.

  • ক. more busy
  • খ. busy
  • গ. busiest
  • ঘ. most busiest

উত্তরঃ busiest


15. New programs will be - next week in Bangladesh Television.

  • ক. telecast
  • খ. published
  • গ. telecasted
  • ঘ. broadcasted

উত্তরঃ telecast


16. I cannot - to pay such high prices.

  • ক. able
  • খ. but
  • গ. try
  • ঘ. afford

উত্তরঃ afford


17. Identify the imperative sentence.

  • ক. I shall go to college
  • খ. Matin is singing a song
  • গ. Stand up
  • ঘ. It has been raining since morning

উত্তরঃ Stand up


18. What would have happened if-?

  • ক. The bridege is broken
  • খ. The bridege would break
  • গ. The bridege had broken
  • ঘ. The bridege had been broken

উত্তরঃ The bridege had broken


19. He has been ill - Friday last.

  • ক. from
  • খ. on
  • গ. in
  • ঘ. since

উত্তরঃ since


20. He gave up - football when he got married.

  • ক. of playing
  • খ. to play
  • গ. playing
  • ঘ. play

উত্তরঃ playing


21. Do not make a noise while your father-

  • ক. is sleeping
  • খ. has slept
  • গ. assleep
  • ঘ. is being asleep

উত্তরঃ is sleeping


22. No one can - that he is clever.

  • ক. deny
  • খ. defy
  • গ. denounce
  • ঘ. discard

উত্তরঃ deny


23. As the sun -, I decided to go out.

  • ক. has shone
  • খ. shine
  • গ. shines
  • ঘ. was shining

উত্তরঃ was shining


25. Fill in the blank with the corrent phrase : He - arrested if he had tried to leave the country.

  • ক. would
  • খ. could be
  • গ. would have been
  • ঘ. must be

উত্তরঃ would have been


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