1. The Idiom 'At stake' means-

  • ক. At risk
  • খ. In dilemma
  • গ. Creatign doubt
  • ঘ. At the happiest moment

উত্তরঃ At risk


2. The idiom 'In black and white' এর অর্থ ----

  • ক. Thmporary
  • খ. False
  • গ. Verbally
  • ঘ. In writing

উত্তরঃ In writing


3. The idiom 'At home' এর অর্থ ----

  • ক. Familiar with
  • খ. Home made of bricks
  • গ. Try to make a home
  • ঘ. One who has lost home

উত্তরঃ Familiar with


4. 'White elephant' এর অর্থ ----

  • ক. A very cheap think
  • খ. Very costly possession
  • গ. Dead elephant
  • ঘ. White coloured elephant

উত্তরঃ Very costly possession


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