Time and Distance

A train 360 m long is running at a speed of 45 km/hour. In what time will pass a bridge 140 m long?

  • 40 seconds
  • 42 seconds
  • 45 seconds
  • 48 seconds

সঠিক উত্তরঃ 40 seconds


At the rate of m meters per s seconds, how many meters does a cyclist travel in x minutes?

  • m/sx
  • mx/s
  • 60m/sx
  • 60ms/x

সঠিক উত্তরঃ এখানে সঠিক উত্তর নেই।


A man travels 100 miles at 20 miles per, 60 miles at 30 miles per hour and and 80 miles at 10 miles per hour, what is his average rate for the three trips?

  • 18 miles per hour
  • 17 miles per hour
  • 20 miles per hour
  • 16 miles per hour

সঠিক উত্তরঃ 16 miles per hour


If a plane can travel P miles in Q hours, how long will it take to travel R miles?

  • PQ/R hours
  • P/QR hours
  • PR/Q hours
  • QR/P hours

সঠিক উত্তরঃ QR/P hours


A 240-meter long train crosses a pole in a platfrom in 8 seconds. Determine the speed of the train in km/hr.

  • 120
  • 140
  • 6
  • 3

সঠিক উত্তরঃ এখানে সঠিক উত্তর নেই।


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